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B-Buzz’n Pen

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B Buzz N Pen For Sale.

What Is B Buzz N?

The B Buzz N pen from Honey Stick gives you all that you need from a vaporizer unit. The vaporizer is good with industry standard cartridges. The battery-powered durable battery uses a press button innovation, which makes the vaping experience basic and proficient. a 1g atomizer is incorporated with the B-Buzz’n unit.

Features of B Buzz N pen

350mAh VV Battery and Carry Case

Preheat Functions

Compact Size (3 inches)

350 mAh Battery

3 temperature settings (3.6V, 3.8V and 4.0V)

Great wallet case for transport

Amazing trim and finishes

B-Buzz’n Wallet 510 Vape Pen Battery Kit

The Bee Buzz N pen Wallet vape pen is a press button pen-style vaporizer power by Honeystick innovation. It arrives in a slim, wallet-sized clamshell case that is extraordinary for transport. The solid 350mAh battery is furnished with variable voltage and preheat capacities. Its base had contact tip innovation that enacts the preheat capacity and cycles through the variable voltage by tapping on the tip. The variable voltage power settings go from 3.6v to 4.0v. On the off chance that you need to vape your prefilled 510 string cartridges easily when you’re in a hurry, at that point the Bee Buzz’n 510 string vape batt is an incredible, cost-cognizant decision for 510 trucks with base airholes (for auto-attract usefulness to work). Buzz’n Wallet pack has an establishment of parts provided by a respectable maker in Honeystick


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